The Year in Review, pt 2

Dec 28, 06:14 AM

July started out with our vacation back to New England to see all the friends and family, and in my case at least, more family than friends. Ryan and I went back to New Hampshire on the 1st or 2nd of July, and after getting our flight from Denver canceled for “mechanical problems”, we finally made it, almost a good 24 hours after we left. Still in plenty of time for the barbecue of my Dad’s and fireworks Fireworks in July that were all courtesy of my older brother Ken. I don’t know how many fireworks he actually bought, but I know that the show went on for quite a while in the back yard that night. Our show was helped out a good deal by the neighbors show, both backyards kept taking a turn launching fireworks, which more or less, doubled both of our shows. Jim with one on the hook Another highlight of the visit to my house was a short fishing expedition one afternoon on the Pemigewasset River with my other older brother, Jim. He took his boat out for a ride and Ryan and myself tagged along for lack of anything else better to do. After pushing his little antique Mercury motor for all it was worth, Jim finally threw the anchor overboard after what seemed to be 20 miles or more. No license for Ryan or I, so we spent a little time watching him fish for the one that keeps seeming to elude his hook. Fortunately, for me anyway, he did not try for too long and that was good as there was only one Sam Adams left in the 6 pack. If it had been a 12 pack, I would have been content to float around all day out there on the river.

Can you name all the players that wore these numbers? Of course no trip to New England in the summer would be complete without a pilgrimage to Fenway Park. The seats were great, about four rows up from the bullpen in the right filed bleachers, and the Sox were playing the Texas Rangers. If I remember correctly, Lackey was the starter for the game, and that is about it for highlights of the game. I forget the score completely, but I do remember that it did not favor the Red Sox in the end. No surprise as at that time last year, Pedroia, Elsbury, and I think Youkilis as well, were all on the DL.

Poor Ryan – remember he started the vacation with me at the beginning of July. After spending almost three weeks in NH, he was swapped over to Sherry, where he spent another 12 days in Wakefield, MA. About the only highlight for him during this trip to New England was the afternoon ride that we made with Grandpa to Nashua one afternoon so that he could hang out at a Guitar Center. I think I managed to drag him out after an hour or so.

July was somewhat of an eventful month for Sherry. If you recall, she worked for WDOC – the Wyoming Department of Corrections – as a drug dog handler. Her job had her travel all the way to Louisiana to recertify with Porter, her drug dog. I think that was the proverbial straw because shortly after getting back home from that long trip – close to 2100 miles in 3 days, she called it quits with WDOC. That 3 day excursion included time for the dog certification as well, luckily, nothing happened as far as driving that much was concerned.

Chris was not able to travel back East with us because of his commitments with Post 6 Baseball (American Legion). The team was on a real tear this year, not too much unlike they are most years. I think they finished the season with less than ten losses and close to 70 or 80 wins. State Championships in August Last year, Chris was lucky enough to be the pitcher of record for the game that won the State Championship. This, year, he did not get that win, but earlier on in the series he had a complete game win in which he only gave up one run. Again, as this team has done for nine of the last ten years, Post 6 were State Champions and on their way to the Regionals in Washington State.

This year, Chris had a record of 12 wins and ZERO losses. His ERA for the summer was just barely over two, at 2.07. His talent earned him a full scholarship to Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Co.

A visit from and old (and lifelong) friend The biggest treat for me this year also came in August. LP (real name, Michael LaPointe) came for a visit. For LP to come for a visit is no small task however – after he served his country in the USAF (which was where/when I met him while I was at RAF Bentwaters, UK), he stayed in Europe and currently lives in The Netherlands. His family was making a trip back home to his roots in Michigan, with a sightseeing side trip to Yellowstone NP. Of course he made it down to Cheyenne for a few days and we all had a few beers and reminisced about old times and old people. Being the biggest Guinness addict that I know of, I had LP give me his impression of one of my beers (can you guess which one) as well. I believe it passed with flying colors! Unfortunately, LP, Esther, and his two girls had to leave after just a couple of days. That may have been a good thing however, I think Sherry was scheming up a plan to kidnap those two girls – they were absolute sweethearts. The good thing about LP coming all the way to Cheyenne, I now have a great excuse to hopefully get Sherry on an eastbound long distance flight. We have to go visit them now. Paris, Belgium, London and all places British, not long now and this year I will get the passport, just to be ready.

September had little in store for us. About the only thing worth noting is my broken thumb from a short flight over the top of the handlebars on my road bike. Even though my thumb was busted, I never really noted it – I was more concerned about the skin from my left leg that was now on the asphalt. It actually took a good 2 1/2 weeks for me to go to the doctor for my thumb. I ended up with a cast on my right hand/arm for 5 weeks before I was pronounced okay. Thumb still hurts sometimes, right before it rains or gets cold….

MollieWait!! September did have an important event. With Porter now gone, something was missing. So of course, a quick tour of the local yard sales one Saturday morning turned up exactly what was missing — Mollie. She really was found at a yard sale, too. We stopped at a yard sale/fundraiser that was going on at a nearby retirement home, and there she was, being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Sherry lost the auction, but as fate would have it, she made a comment to the winner of the auction “if for some reason, she does not work out for you, give me a call.” Sure enough, less than a week later, Mollie had a new home, and she has made herself quite comfortable at too. She can’t find drugs, but she found something much more important – she found her way into our lives (and bed). Supposedly, she was on the cover of the winter edition of Cabela’s catalog, but we never managed to find one with her on it.

Abe has a new friend to play with With Chris off to college and winter coming, that means just one vehicle for Myself, Ryan, and Sherry just would not cut it for much longer. As long as the days are warm enough, and at worst, no ice on the road, I can take my much loved Bonneville to work. Towards the end of October, beginning of November, the need for another vehicle started to arise. Since Abe treated us so well and was now looking after Chris in Sterling, about the only thing we could do was bring Abe’s wife home to us — in this case a 1998 Town Car, Cartier Edition. Of course her name is Mary, and she is loaded. Heated seats, premium sound system, sun roof — the works. And don’t forget that Cartier clock on the dash! When these babies are brand new, people (old people, but no way are Sherry and I that old) pay big bucks for that Cartier clock. This girl was 12 years old when we got her and we paid accordingly. Believe it or not, it really was owned by a little old lady. Okay, how about a man and woman from Grand Junction, Colorado. In fact, when we got the title in the mail, it was accompanied by the owners death certificate (as evidence for the sale, as the title to sign it over was unsigned). Mary is in immaculate condition (hmm, little play on words there?).

As you can see, December came and went and here I am writing this end of the year letter. I don’t think I left out too many of the highlights and I am fairly sure that, by design, I neglected to mention the lowlights.

We’ll see you all next year!

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